Friday, October 5, 2007

BLUE ANGELS - San Francisco - Fri. Oct. 5, 2007

Two of the F-18's tear over Russian Hill, and head for their "center" point - Aquatic Park.

Four F-18's SCREAM
over the Ghiradelli sign. It's a sneak attack from the rear for visitors watching. The engines are so incredibly loud, that they make every cell in my body tingle.

BOEING F/A-18 HORNETS. The mission of The Blue Angels: to enhance Navy recruiting and credibly represent the Navy and Marine Corps aviation to the United States, and it's Armed Forces to America and other countries as INTERNATIONAL AMBASSADORS of GOOD WILL.

Fat Albert, heading back SOUTH, approaching Ghiradelli and flying back to SFO. This Lockheed-Martin C-130T Hercules, affectionately
known as Fat Albert Airlines, flies more than 140,000 miles each season. It carries more than 40 maintenance and support personnel, their gear and enough spare parts and communication equipment to complete a successful air show.
Fat Albert cruises at a speed of more than 320 knots (360 miles per hour), at 27,000 feet. Four Allison turborprop engines, which produce more than 16,000 shaft-horsepower, provide Fat Albert Airlines with the power to land and depart on runways as short as 2,500 feet.

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