Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Giant Has Fallen

Wonderful article on the passing of Steve Jobs today in the San Jose Mercury News.
Here's a little bit:
"A giant has fallen.Within moments, the passing of Steve Jobs reverberated around a world that he has done as much if not more than any other person to shape. And the fact we knew this day was coming sooner rather than later does not soften the blow.
There are any number of ways you could gauge the impact of his life. You could measure the wealth he generated for thousands of shareholders, its flirtation with being the most valuable company in the world, its bulging profits or the thousands of jobs he created.
There are endless anecdotes you could tell to capture his genius and leadership. Stories abound about his attention to detail, his rock-star keynote speeches.
But perhaps the best tribute to his life came in the outpouring of grief and gratitude being expressed both on and offline.
So few of us truly new him personally. And yet millions of us felt his passing so deeply."

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