Tuesday, September 20, 2011

CCS Alumni - Happy Hour at Barrio in Birmingham

I had a wonderful time last night at Barrio's in Birmingham with the CCS alumni. I finally found a restaurant (in the Metro Detroit area) serving quality margaritas with premium tequila and agave syrup. (the quac was pretty good, too) Now I feel like I'm back in San Francisco! Thanks to Ingrid from CCS for making it all happen.

As for the CCS get together - I was all smiles, as I saw familiar faces and exchanged old memories. I made a few contacts, got a few cards and I look forward to new beginnings! I had a lovely time walking around Birmingham, as I took the long way back to my car. The rain had just stopped, the air was warm and sweet. All the shops were closed, but the little bars and restaurants looked cozy and inviting. I have fond memories of Birmingham and it feels right being there. Barrio's was one block away from were the old Baskin-Robbins used to be. That's were I happily worked my first job at $1.00 an hour during high school. At the end of each evening, during cleanup, we traded ice cream for pizza from a place down the street. Oh my, what I use to eat.

I vividly remember making these tiny, little concoctions that started with filling the very bottom of a sugar cone with a tiny scoop of coconut and brownie ice cream, then drizzled that with hot fudge, then added whipped cream and a cherry. They were then just popped into your mouth. Lots of texture, hot and cold. Yummm.

Here's a few of the friends that I reconnected with:
AnnMarie Mannino
Glenn Triest
Les Ward
Brad Phillips
Darcel Deneau
Alex Mills
Ingrid Kamis - CCS Alumni Coordinator

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