Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crayola Crayons - Color Outside The Lines

Crayola - a little history.
I can vividly remember the feelings of getting a new coloring book (which had to be printed on the right kind of paper) and picking up the black crayon to outline everything first. Were you an outliner? Do you remember the smell of wax?

"The Crayons" - one of the many photographic prints available in my online shop - The Other Jeanie. This photograph was taken with my hasselblad and tri-x film pushed to 1600. After developing the film myself, I proceeded to make a print in the darkroom. I used my special techniques and incorporated texture, lines and handwriting into the final image. I then split toned the print in various toners. This was all done by hand in the authentic darkroom, with real liquids. I then scanned the print into the computer, and created archival digital prints on lovely luster paper.

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