Monday, March 28, 2011

More new work at "The Other Jeanie"

More new work is up at my Etsy Shop - "The Other Jeanie".

"The Other Jeanie" - My Etsy Shop

My Etsy Shop is up and running, and brimming with artwork....please check it out!
The shop is called - "The Other Jeanie"

Etsy Treasuries - Group Collections of Art

I've been so lucky to have my art included in so many Etsy group treasuries - Collections of cool art from (16) different artists. One of my pieces are in each collection.
Here's just a few of the collections:

Etsy Treasury Collection - "Curing Cabin Fever"

Here's yet another, Etsy group treasury of (16) different artists work.
The theme "Curing Cabin Fever".
My "Red Ruby Slippers in Poppy Field" photograph was included, thank you!

Another Cool Etsy Treasury "Bozo" was added

Here's another Etsy Treasury, very cool...carnival and "Bozo's Little Secret" was included in this group of (16) items from (16) different artists. The Theme: "Step Right Up".

A COOL Etsy Treasury of (16) artists

Here's another cool ETSY group collection of (16) artists and their work: "You've Always Been My Favorite"
My original mixed media piece "I Feel Pretty" is included, thank you!!


I just heard this little saying,
on an airline commercial,
and depending on how you heard it,
and how you decide to hear it....will make all the difference.

"Sometimes, what you push against, can life you UP!"

Friday, March 4, 2011

ETSY - New Work up in shop

I've been working for the last month - and have my little shop pretty full...."The Other Jeanie".

RANGO! Loved it!

Just saw RANGO! WOW, loved it. Johnny will be nominated for an Oscar for sure. Very clever and funny and full of detail. Gore Verbinski directed - so I felt lots of "Pirate" vibe. ALSO, Bill Nighy, (also from Pirates) was the "bad guy" rattlesnake. I paid extra for the HD Digital Sound/Visuals in a special theatre. A+++++++++( stay for cool end titles and music). CLICK HERE: RANGO