Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Brian Grazer finally finds my artwork "The Curiosity of Brian"

Brian Grazer holding his new art piece, "The Curiosity of Brian" which I created back in 2011. After being inspired by Brian's interview on The Charlie Rose Show, I created this one of a kind original and dedicated a page on FB to get his attention. After 4 years, the piece found him. He loves it and now it's hanging in his very cool Santa Monica home. Warm thanks to Veronica and Brian. :)

The COOL thing is, his NEW BOOK "A Curious Mind" is coming out this APRIL 7th. So, it was just perfect timing and meant to be.

Photo's Still Up on 2 Broke Girls Set

My "Band Aid" and "Her Open Mind" photo's are still up on the 2 Broke Girls Set.

Moditional Flower Designs - Happy


The photos you took are beautiful!!!!   Thank you so very much.
Love Hugs,