Friday, September 30, 2011

The Brothers Quay - Film Artists on the edge

The Quay Brothers - film makers, oh my. I love the creepy dolls - I have to check out the films. Thanks to Lady Lavona for her cool blog and all her linkes.
Quay Brothers - snippets on youtube
Quay Brothers - wow, love this "Stille Nacht I Dramolet 1988" 
Interview with the Quay Brothers 
Another Interview with the Quays
Another Interview

Jan Svankmajer - film maker, oh my.
Jan Svankmajer - his 1966 stop motion film "Punch and Judy"

SPIDER-MAN: Turn off the Dark - Reeve Carney

Spider-Man, on Broadway is a hit. I love that story. Here's a little bit about Reeve Carney who plays the lead. He and his stuntmen fly and bounce off walls during the show - a real work out.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Saw My Artwork on TV - "Two Broke Girls" Apartment Set

I finally saw (3) of my pieces on the walls in the CBS show "Two Broke Girls". My "Wish Ticket" was on a skinny wall/post, "Her Open Mind" was up on a wall, to the right of the bed and I saw "Sweet Francine and her First Camera" on a back wall in another adjoining hall. Cool.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Dear SF GIANTS Fans,

I love this letter from SF Giants manager, Bruce Bochy, to all the SF Giant Fans.

"The best part of every road trip is the moment I sink into my seat on the team plane and say to myself, "We're going home." I know what's waiting for us at AT&T Park: Our reinforcements. Our fans.

In baseball, the difference between winning and losing can be as slight as a bunt that stays fair instead of rolling foul. A team is always looking for an edge. Opposing players and coaches tell us all the time that AT&T Park gives us an edge. They're right but not completely. It's the not park. It's the people in it." - (read more here)

Tour de Troit

This is funny to me. The, oh very French - Tour de Troit  (tour of detroit on bikes)

Rum Diaries - Johnny Depp

Oh my, check out this trailer of Rum Diaries - starring Johnny Depp. Cool.

Johnny Depp - Dark Shadows - NEW PHOTO

New Photo - DARK SHADOWS - Tim Burton Film, with Johnny Depp.

Cause vs Condition

Treat the "cause" not the "condition".


I just saw one of the crazy squirrels in our backyard do two somersault flips. (sorry, no photo's of them, yet!) I think he (or she, lol) maybe taking a few of those psychedelic berries off "grandma's tree".

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Timmy's Catch

Timmy's Catch against the Dodgers.

Tony Bennett Tribute Night with the SF GIANTS

Sept. 27th, 2011 - Wish I could be there! Tony Bennett night in San Francisco! Tribute night at AT&T Park - with the SF GIANTS. Bobble Heads that chirp "I left my heart in San Francisco". ahhhhhhhh.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

MY ARTWORK on new CBS TV Comedy - "2 BROKE GIRLS" aired last night.

Here are all FIVE pieces that were purchased from my online shop "The Other Jeanie" (on Etsy), to help decorate the "apartment" set for the new CBS comedy, "2 Broke Girls".  Created by Whitney Cummings and Michael Patrick King (Sex and the City). Award winning set designer - Amy Feldman created the set on - 2 Broke Girls! Please see links below to purchase the same photographic prints that decorate their shabby chic, on a budget apartment!

Her Open Mind - Photograph
This photographic print is on the wall in Max's bedroom.
Photographic Print available at: The Other Jeanie, my shop.

Sweet Francine and Her Camera - Photograph
This photographic print seems to move around the walls.
Photograph Print available at: The Other Jeanie, my shop.

Wish Ticket - Original One Of A Kind, Mixed Media
This piece is on the vertical support beam, near the green phone.

Band Aid Box - Photograph
This Photograph keeps moving around a bit on the set.
Photographic print available at: The Other Jeanie, my shop.

Hello it's Me - Photograph
This Photographic print keeps moving around the set.
Photographic print available at: The Other Jeanie, my shop.

CCS Alumni - Happy Hour at Barrio in Birmingham

I had a wonderful time last night at Barrio's in Birmingham with the CCS alumni. I finally found a restaurant (in the Metro Detroit area) serving quality margaritas with premium tequila and agave syrup. (the quac was pretty good, too) Now I feel like I'm back in San Francisco! Thanks to Ingrid from CCS for making it all happen.

As for the CCS get together - I was all smiles, as I saw familiar faces and exchanged old memories. I made a few contacts, got a few cards and I look forward to new beginnings! I had a lovely time walking around Birmingham, as I took the long way back to my car. The rain had just stopped, the air was warm and sweet. All the shops were closed, but the little bars and restaurants looked cozy and inviting. I have fond memories of Birmingham and it feels right being there. Barrio's was one block away from were the old Baskin-Robbins used to be. That's were I happily worked my first job at $1.00 an hour during high school. At the end of each evening, during cleanup, we traded ice cream for pizza from a place down the street. Oh my, what I use to eat.

I vividly remember making these tiny, little concoctions that started with filling the very bottom of a sugar cone with a tiny scoop of coconut and brownie ice cream, then drizzled that with hot fudge, then added whipped cream and a cherry. They were then just popped into your mouth. Lots of texture, hot and cold. Yummm.

Here's a few of the friends that I reconnected with:
AnnMarie Mannino
Glenn Triest
Les Ward
Brad Phillips
Darcel Deneau
Alex Mills
Ingrid Kamis - CCS Alumni Coordinator

Monday, September 19, 2011

Zooey Deschanel - I like her

Zooey Deschanel -  quote: At 31, she has had a healthy film career, but she said her goofy charm made her an oddity in the movie industry. As she described it, the reaction she elicits from Hollywood is: “ ‘She’s not a cheerleader, she’s not a jock, she’s not a goth. We don’t know what to do with her. Who is she?’ Well, I’m my own thing.”

Zooey's new comedy debuts tonight - "The New Girl" on Fox. It's directed by Jake Kasdan, (born in Detroit) who is the son of director Lawrence Kasdan. Lawrence Kasdan, who attended Ann Arbor's University of Michigan, directed "The Big Chill".

Saturday, September 17, 2011

NEW White Stripes Edition - Diana and Holga Cameras!

This is way cool, check it out at White Stripes website. Meg and Jack - Diana and Holga cameras.


George Harrison Exhibition

A new George Harrison Exhibition at the Grammy Museum.

BONO sings on new INXS song

Listen to BONO sing on the new INXS song: Tiny Summer
Also, there's this:

NEW Todd Rundgren Album

Todd has a new album - info here: ( re ) productions
Find cool things Todd related here: Todd Store
Check out this: Rundgren Radio

GIVEAWAY and my interview

I'm having my first GIVEAWAY, and it's in conjunction with artist/writer Felicia Kramer. Felicia interviewed me for her ongoing series "In The Michigan Studio". She created this fun online interview / feature about me and my art, complete with photographs and links. The giveaway is on her blog:, near the end of my interview. Thanks Felicia!

The LINK is here: In The Michigan Studio with The Other Jeanie and Giveaway

The giveaway is one 8x10 print of your choice from the following three:

Tim Burton Rocks

Tim Burton.

The Rust Belt Market - Brilliant Idea!

Later today I'm checking out "The Rust Belt Market" in Ferndale. Here's what there website said: "Our mission is to provide artists, indie designers and collectors with an indoor weekend marketplace to create, exhibit, sell, and interact with peers and community amongst a mod environment-fostering the success of local talent in an outsourced and mass-production-fueled economy."

Here's my "Brilliant Idea" photograph.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Power is in You

"The power is in you. The answer is in you. And you are the answer to all your searches: you are the goal. You are the answer. It's never outside." - Eckhart Tolle

Johnny Depp - Dark Shadows

Oh my - here's a pic from the set of "Dark Shadows". oh my.

My "Ruby Slippers" Are Featured in this COOL Etsy Treasury

Speak Up - An Interview (mine)

Thank you to Felicia Kramer for this fun interview and write up. She has included many of my photographs, with linkage. There is also a "give away"! (your choice of a Wizard of Oz print). Online Interview: The Michigan Studio with The Other Jeanie.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Crayola Crayons - Color Outside The Lines

Crayola - a little history.
I can vividly remember the feelings of getting a new coloring book (which had to be printed on the right kind of paper) and picking up the black crayon to outline everything first. Were you an outliner? Do you remember the smell of wax?

"The Crayons" - one of the many photographic prints available in my online shop - The Other Jeanie. This photograph was taken with my hasselblad and tri-x film pushed to 1600. After developing the film myself, I proceeded to make a print in the darkroom. I used my special techniques and incorporated texture, lines and handwriting into the final image. I then split toned the print in various toners. This was all done by hand in the authentic darkroom, with real liquids. I then scanned the print into the computer, and created archival digital prints on lovely luster paper.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Check out TED!!!

Do you know what TED is? If you don't, check out TED!

My "Ruby Slipper" Notecards

These "Ruby Slipper" note cards are way fun and available in my online shop - The Other Jeanie. They are blank inside and come with their own envelope. (looks like I'll be ordering more) I used my special technique to create this impressionistic image. This was all done within the camera, and not altered in photoshop. What you see is what I saw thru the camera. 

OOAK - One Of A Kind, Altered Photograph on Stretched Canvas - SURPRISE

Here's "The Surprise Card In Hand". One of my OOAK - original one of a kind - altered photographs on stretched canvas. I treat the surface with various viscous liquids for texture and protection. This is available in my online shop: The Other Jeanie. I collect vintage toys and game parts. This pink surprise card is from an old Barbie Game, and my precious vintage doll, Francine (from Paris), is holding it in her wee little hands.

Monday, September 12, 2011

OOAK - One Of A Kind, Altered Photographs on Stretched Canvas - FLOWER CANDY

OOAK - One of a kind, altered photographs from my flower series - available in my online shop - "The Other Jeanie". All of these photographs were photographed in my own backyard using my macro lense. I grew many of the flowers from seed, and I had over 85 plant and flower containers in my Pacifica, California backyard. (just south of San Francisco, on the ocean)

 "Yellow Faced Daisy"

 "Red Velvet"

"Cotton Candy Flower

OOAK - One Of A Kind, Altered Photograph

"Smile" - OOAK, one of a kind, altered photograph available in my online shop on Etsy - The Other Jeanie. This is Francine, my muse. She's my vintage French doll from Paris. She's holding one of those iconic "Smile, Have a Nice Day" little stickers in her wee little hand. This piece is very unique and the surface is textured with acrylics and I "spot varnished" the smile sticker, so it's super shiny and visually pops! The sides are finished black and there's the word "smile" hand written on all four sides. I remember posing here on my "holiday table". I used fishing line to hold her up and animate her arms and body. (She was thrilled and giggled the entire time.)

OOAK - One Of A Kind, Altered Photograph

"Blondies Big Blue Eyes" - OOAK, One Of A Kind, altered photograph available in my online shop - The Other Jeanie. This vintage doll I named Blondie. She's very cool and this original, unique piece is 8" x 10" with 1 1/4" sides. The surface is treated with acrylics and is very textured. I've spot varnished her lips and eyes - so they POP and are super shiny! Here's another view of the piece. She's wired and ready to hang, as all my "altered photographs". Also, each piece is hand numbered on the back, and signed, titled and dated.

OOAK - One Of A Kind, Altered Photograph

"Small Heart In Hand" - OOAK, One Of A Kind - available in my online shop on Etsy - The Other Jeanie. This is my Francine doll, again. She's vintage. She's French. And, she has an open mind. (literally) I've hand written the lyrics from Tom Petty's song on the surface in acrylics. The surface is textured and the "red heart" is spot varnished and super shiny for POP factor! The sides are finished and it's wired and ready to hang. Each of my pieces are signed, dated, titled and numbered on the back.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

New self portrait

Interview Coming Soon

Felicia Kramer, fellow artist and Etsy shop owner, new friend and new neighbor - tracked me down, interviewed me, and is currently writing a little story about me. It will appear on her blog. Thank you so much Felicia.

Discovering Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Chris took me to this lovely "nature center" this morning that's only a few miles away. It's called the E. L. Johnson Nature Center. Looking forward to visiting when the leaves turn and when it snows.... oh my! (this website needs my photographic eye, it's way better in person. I think they need my services). Big thanks to my new friend and neighbor, Felicia Kramer, for reminding me to take a little break, to go out and explore my new neighborhood)
"More than thirteen thousand years ago, a melting glacier left behind massive piles of sand and gravel that formed the "hills" of Bloomfield, and shaped the original landscape of the area now known as the E. L. Johnson Nature Center. Melt waters created the small tributary of the Rouge River that crosses the property, as well as the low depression that later became an inland pond. A variety of plants and animals inhabited the property over the ensuing years, mainly influenced by the warming climate. There is no evidence of human activity on the property prior to settlement days in the early 1800’s, but it is known that natives often traveled in the area, and they very likely fished in the surrounding lakes."

Friday, September 9, 2011

Adam Sandler Fans - new film coming

Adam Sandler makes me laugh sometimes - and maybe in this new film "Jack and Jill" - I will wait and see.

Anonymous - A New Film out this Fall

This looks like a new film I will like - coming in the Fall - "Anonymous" by Sony Pictures.

Bono and Edge at Toronto Film Festival

TORONTO - Rock icons U2 descended onto the Toronto International Film Festival’s red carpet Thursday for the premiere of new documentary “From the Sky Down,” admitting to nervousness over letting fans into their private world of making music. - READ MORE HERE

NEW U2 Documentary Film - Achtung Baby!

Here's the new U2 Trailer - "From The Sky" -  A new documentary from Davis Guggenheim.
"Exclusive trailer of Davis Guggenheim's documentary, as the band return to Hansa studios in Berlin to discuss the making of the album.
'Making Achtung Baby was the reason we're still here now...'"

Thursday, September 8, 2011

One of my photographs decorating the set of the new CBS comedy - TWO BROKE GIRLS

Here's another one of my photographs that is decorating the "apartment set" of the new CBS Comedy, "Two Broke Girls". The photograph is entitled "Grandma's Phone". The print is available in my online shop: The Other Jeanie, at

A Blast from the Past - FOAB Album Cover - Figures On A Beach

This is one of my favorite photographs. I photographed this band, Figures On A Beach, in front of Edward Hopper's (American painter born in 1882) home in Cape Cod. What great times! Here's the website link for the band, and here's the music on itunes.

Halloween Display #1

One in the first of many . . .

Glass Half Full

This photograph is entitled: Glass Half Full - the print is available online in my Etsy Shop - The Other Jeanie.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Girls Night Out - Leon & LuLu's

I enjoyed myself last night at Leon & LuLu's, a very cool and hip store that I really love. Here is a photo from last nights Fall Fashion Spectacular. My dear friend Jan Reichel was one of the lovely "real women" models.

Leon & Lulu is metropolitan Detroit’s own award winning lifestyle store, selling well-designed furniture, fun accessories and unique gifts in a friendly and fun atmosphere. Located in the historic Ambassador Roller Rink, you will find a shopping experience unlike any other. Leon & Lulu is serious about good design, fabulous service and great pricing, but it has a sense of humor about everything else.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Here's one of my favorite California Poppy photo's. I grew these from seed. Lovely. The print is available in my ETSY Shop: The Other Jeanie. "Orange Poppy Heart"

New Portraits

Here are a couple of little portraits shot during a recent session in San Francisco.

Another ETSY Treasury featuring my art: CREEPY KIDS

Here's an - group treasury - that includes my "Her First Camera, Note Cards" - I love this collection: Creepy Kids

Another ETSY Treasury featuring my art: FRIGHT NIGHT

Here's another "spooky" treasury on My OOAK, "altered photograph on canvas" entitled: FRANCINE'S COURAGE is included:

The latest ETSY treasuries that feature my work

Here are a few of the latest - group treasuries - that feature my work, thank you! This photograph of "Film Strips" is included in the one entitled - My  Old Flame, below.

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby
My Old Flame
I've Driven in The Dark With Echoes In My Heart
Does She Survive?

Friday, September 2, 2011

MICHAELS Art Store Coupons

Get your COUPONS here.

SF Irish Coffee

I could use one of these now. But, it has to be the REAL DEAL - from the Buena Vista Cafe, in San Francisco - their famous IRISH COFFEE'S.

A BLAST from the PAST

Here's a link to some "production stills" I took while working on a big SPRINT Advertising Still Shoot in and around the Golden Gate Bridge, and The Presido. Two of them are pictured below. Thank you Timothy Shonnard Photography - it was the best job ever. I love SAN FRANCISCO!!!

Blast from the Past

Here's a Blast from the Past - My Pacifica, California Garden, August 2010

A "retouching" photo job from the past

Here's a BEFORE and AFTER photograph of one of my "B/W Polaroid Portraits, shot at parties and events, that was destroyed by windex. I rescanned the final retouched polaroid, and made my client big prints. She was thrilled!

LEON and LULU - way cool store in Clawson, MI

I love this store! Art, Clothes, Jewelry and Way Cool Magical Finds. It's sort of like walking around inside
LEON and LULU - Clawson, MI

Another NEW ETSY Shop Favorite of Mine!

I Just found this ETSY Shop - EveryoneIsMadHere - love it!!! Check it out

Creepy DR.VOLT is in my ETSY Shop

Here's "Creepy DR. VOLT". He's in my ETSY Shop, The Other Jeanie. He also, has a "Creepy Hand". He's a mad-scientist robot at the Santa Cruz boardwalk.