Thursday, May 11, 2006

SLAVA Snow Show - WOW!!!

Sunny today, in lovely Pacifica. The "F-O-G" is staying off shore.

My poppies in the backyard are begging to be photographed.

I saw "Slava's Snowshow" over the weekend, for the 2nd time,
and it was more magical than the first time. It was the final SF performance, and I took photo's at the end. Photo's were NOT permitted, but since it was the very last show , I somehow found extra courage and cahuna's to take a few.

Slava was very emotional at the end, and showed tears during his standing ovation.
Here's some photo's - if you don't know anything about this "magical piece of theatre",
check out the website link. It was amazing, and I will remember it always.

Giant, HUGE, floating balls get bounced into the audience - kids are playing in the snow!

Slava, during the final bow - he took off his wig, and had tears in his eyes.

The largest INDOOR artificial SNOWSTORM, a giant cobweb that covers the audience
& thousands of bubbles.

Me and the green coat clown, and me and SLAVA - the head clown, genius and CREATOR.

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