Monday, July 19, 2010

EYE CANDY Comments From Patrons and Fans

Top Row:   #38 Cotton Candy, #16 (sold)
Bot Row:   #13 Fancy What Nots,  #20 Velvet Honey Beads

Here's a few comments from patrons and fans: 

Yum, yum!  I love them! - Betsy Wolf
"Your colours are exquisite. They are literally yummy, and that is not a word I use.
congratulations." - Bill Gallo

"REEEEEAAAAAALLLLLY GOOD STUFF. Bolisimo!!!!!" - Timothy Shonnard

"Rock n’ roll, Jean!  How wonderful to see your beautiful work – thanks for keeping me posted" - Emily Miller

"Oh now you are just teasing me!!!!...or torturing me. i LOVE these, too!
These new ones are SO SUPER GROOVY" - Michele R.

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