Wednesday, October 26, 2011

That Yellow House on The Corner

Since I've been back (it's been 3 months since moving back from San Francisco), I've been longing to go in that "yellow house on the corner".

It's now the home of Marcie Brogan's - Brogan and Partners, Convergence Marketing and Ignite Social Media. I had met Marcie while working for Ameen Howrani Photography in downtown Detroit, and he had always said "when you come back, you should go introduce yourself to Marcie."  So, as I was taking a slow drive thru Birmingham last evening, I noticed a flock of people, with cocktails in hand, on the white porch of that yellow house. A local catering van was out front, and I immediately thought, "Ooooh, a work party."

SO, I turned around and parked at a nearby meter, walked up to the house, hesitated a bit, walked by the house, turned around, walked back towards the house, and before I knew it, I was chatting with Marcie and Bonnie Folster, partner and executive creative director. We talked about Ameen and his children Ara (Howrani Studios)  and Ana, and a little bit about advertising and photography here in Detroit. It was wonderful. (The party was to celebrate Ignite's new client, think car company). I'm so glad I doubled back and went up the stairs.
My first visit to that "yellow house" was during a College for Creative Studies field trip during a photography class. We went to see a new and futuristic "multi-media" slide show! I remember getting goose bumps and chills seeing and feeling the presentation. There was loud music, lights and about 60 slide projectors all synced up showing us a visual and audio amazement. It was just a hint of the future, and oh my, what future we are in now.

Maybe next time, I'll be there to take official "party shots" or to create my one-of-a-kind "B/W Party Portraits" that I shoot on professional fuji high speed instant film. (think polaroid). Both a party favor and entertainment. (smile)

Find out more cool info on BROGAN and PARTNERS here and here.

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