Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Shoot Day #1 - SOD DAY

Sprint Photo Shoot Day #1.
The SOD was delivered at 6:15am, and it was all layed out by 8:00am. A few pieces were moved and arranged...then the "wild" grasses and ocassional flowers were stuck in and Vwah Laa! Nice view.

Timothy Shonnard, the most talented photographer shooting the job, stands just behind the new sod.
Emily Miller - Producer
Gretchen Engel - Production Asst.
Megan Abruzzo - 2nd Asst.
Laura Ferguson - Wardrobe/Props
Gillian Etherington - Wardrobe/Props
Jean Fox - Hair / Makeup
Mike Booth - Grip #1
Kerry Sweeney - Grip #2
Shelley Booker - Teacher
Jessica Berkey - Cast Images.com
Peter Williams - RV #1
Bundy Chanock - VR #2
Christopher's Catering

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