Monday, September 12, 2011

OOAK - One Of A Kind, Altered Photograph

"Smile" - OOAK, one of a kind, altered photograph available in my online shop on Etsy - The Other Jeanie. This is Francine, my muse. She's my vintage French doll from Paris. She's holding one of those iconic "Smile, Have a Nice Day" little stickers in her wee little hand. This piece is very unique and the surface is textured with acrylics and I "spot varnished" the smile sticker, so it's super shiny and visually pops! The sides are finished black and there's the word "smile" hand written on all four sides. I remember posing here on my "holiday table". I used fishing line to hold her up and animate her arms and body. (She was thrilled and giggled the entire time.)

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