Sunday, September 11, 2011

Discovering Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Chris took me to this lovely "nature center" this morning that's only a few miles away. It's called the E. L. Johnson Nature Center. Looking forward to visiting when the leaves turn and when it snows.... oh my! (this website needs my photographic eye, it's way better in person. I think they need my services). Big thanks to my new friend and neighbor, Felicia Kramer, for reminding me to take a little break, to go out and explore my new neighborhood)
"More than thirteen thousand years ago, a melting glacier left behind massive piles of sand and gravel that formed the "hills" of Bloomfield, and shaped the original landscape of the area now known as the E. L. Johnson Nature Center. Melt waters created the small tributary of the Rouge River that crosses the property, as well as the low depression that later became an inland pond. A variety of plants and animals inhabited the property over the ensuing years, mainly influenced by the warming climate. There is no evidence of human activity on the property prior to settlement days in the early 1800’s, but it is known that natives often traveled in the area, and they very likely fished in the surrounding lakes."

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